Cinque Terre

Gems of Italy

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Italy is the world’s most beautiful and complete country: encompassing cypress-studded landscapes, coastal coves, jagged Dolomites peaks, spellbinding corniche roads, fishing ports, sandy beaches and elegant little hill towns.

Starting from northern Italy: Milan, the Lake Region, Veneto with its Palladian Villas and the most romantic city Verona.

Going on to the Italian Riviera with Portofino and Cinque Terre then proceeding to the innumerous fascinating central Italy hidden treasures with Orvieto and Assisi to then reach the southern areas of unknown but exciting new destination of Apulia and Salento.

A deserved word to be dedicated to our major islands of Sicily, an ancient and modern land of myth and legends and Sardinia, the place of sun, sea still uncontamined nature with immense open spaces and awe inspiring silences.

In Italy even a minor village will surely leave you with unique memories.