Rome San Pietro


The Eternal City

Thrill to the excitement and beauty of the “Eternal City” one of the most ancient cities in Europe founded over 2.700 years ago !

The legend reveals that the twins “Romulus and Remus”, abandoned on the Tiber River, came to rest at the foot of the Palatine hill where they were nursed by a she-wolf.

The strategic location of Rome on seven hills had, with no doubt, led to its  development and growth. The territorial expansion during the 2nd and 1st century B.C. brought to power Julius Caesar who ruled with talent and ambition.

His successors, with different characters and personalities, continued the good work of Roman civilization and achievements.

Museums, Basilicas and Churches, hand-carved fountains, historical palaces, squares and streets, parks and gardens not forgetting the Vatican State: a city of only 109 acres bounded by walls and ruled by the Pope.

An incredible variety of local restaurants and trattorias where a hearty Roman cuisine can be enjoyed; many boutiques where fashionable shopping can enrich your elegance.

Rome today has managed to blend its antiquities with modernization, successfully representing the western civilization.